Download our FAQ for more details on how Package Unit Pros can help you save as much as 30% on your HVAC budget AND improve your service!


  • Low Labor Rate

  • Free Annual Coil Cleaning

  • 5-Year Plus 30 Protection Plan

  • Same Day Service Guarantee

  • No Labor Charge for Belt Changes at Maintenance

  • 30-Day No Call Backs Guarantee

  • Only PM that Includes Below Roofline

  • Quality Assurance Program

  • 24/7 Service

Package Unit Pros provides a multiple of benefits that improve service and reduce costs for the facility manager, property manager and building owner. Our one-of-a-kind single focus approach to package unit facilities allows us to greatly reduce internal costs that we can return to our customers in the form of lower labor rates, lower mark-ups and better trained technicians providing faster and more efficient service. Gone are the days of under qualified or over priced technicians working on your HVAC package unit systems.


Package Unit Pros now hiring service techs.

Service, Price and Quality... All in One Package!