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Service, Price and Quality... All in One Package!

Serving The Bay Area, Sacramento & Santa Rosa! 

Build and maintain a quality company through respect, kindness and fairness to every fellow employee, prospect, vendor and customer. Treat everyone we are fortunate enough to meet with the highest level of professionalism, ethical and moral conduct and success will be effortless. 

Package Unit Pros is the only commercial HVAC Service Company to specialize in package unit facilities. Why should that be important to you? Because we can improve your service and save you money!

Because we don’t try and “do it all,” we are simply the best at “what we do.”  All of our field experts are trained to follow specific procedures in a specific order; much like any ISO process. This ensures timely service and repairs, keeps costs to a minimum and produces the highest quality results time and time again.

Package Unit Pros focuses all our attention on package unit facilities so our vans are stocked for virtually all but the most major repairs. This eliminates having to pay your contractor while the tech makes a trip to the parts house, or worse, having to wait a day or more for a return visit to fix a simple problem--saving you money and reducing down time.

In addition to learning the “Package Unit Pro way,” our field experts get the best factory training available, follow strict manufacturer and ASHRAE guidelines and use the exact maintenance check list for package units as recommended by PG&E for the highest level of energy efficiency.