High Efficiency High Value PM

The industry standard commercial PM has a lot of shortcomings. Package Unit Pros is changing that. The result is a better more thorough PM at a reduced cost. We achieve this with our "systematic" processes. Every Package Unit Pro technician follows the exact same procedures when performing a PM. From checking in, to removing panels, to performing service, to cleaning work space, to submitting reports, it is done the same way every time. Anyone familiar with ISO understands the importance of this process to ensure efficiency, quality and reduce costs.

In addition to our process approach to PM service we are the only company that addresses below the roofline. The industry standard HVAC PM service centers on just rooftop equipment. The problem is rooftop equipment may be working just fine, but something as simple as a broken t-stat can result in an expensive service call. Because Package Unit Pros includes the air system as well as the rooftop equipment you reduce service calls and reduce tenant complaints.

The efficiency of a Package Unit Pro maintenance allows us the time to go the extra mile for you without added price. We include annual condenser coil cleaning at no additional charge and change belts at the time of maintenance for no additional labor charge. This alone will save you hundreds of dollars!

Package Unit Pros now hiring service techs.

Service, Price and Quality... All in One Package!