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Creating Comfortable Work Spaces

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All in One Package


We chose our one thing to be light commercial HVAC. At Package Unit Pros, our unwavering commitment lies in delivering unparalleled expertise within the Light Commercial HVAC sector. Distinguished from generalists, we dedicate our focus solely to this pivotal segment of the HVAC industry. This specialization empowers us to excel as genuine authorities, trim operational expenses, and provide an elevated standard of service for your light commercial properties. While our counterparts grapple with a broad spectrum of HVAC systems, encompassing residential and large-scale applications like boilers and chillers, we remain steadfast in our superior performance within the light commercial HVAC realm.

Count on Package Unit Pros as your trusted partner for Office, Industrial, and Retail facilities.

"Don't do everything. Do one thing well."- Steve Jobs

Because we only service the light commercial HVAC market we eliminate large overheads associated with the service of residential and heavy tonnage HVAC systems. Lower insurance premiums, smaller vans, less fuel, lower DMV fees, fewer special tools, it all adds up. Passing these savings on to you results in a labor rate about 30% less than you are likely paying now.

Saving You Money

Specializing in Package Unit facilities to include Split Systems, Evaporative Coolers, Exhaust Fans, Furnaces, Single Zone and Multi-zone Systems. 

Light Commercial HVAC

When a company tries to manage too many types of service the variables can be overwhelming and very difficult to implement best practices and reduce mistakes. Because we focus exclusively on light commercial systems we can put practices and processes in place, doing the same things the same way every single day. You can expect a higher level of service from Package Unit Pros.

Improved Service

At Your Service

Our light commercial HVAC contractor is proud to serve all aspects of commercial real estate, including industrial, retail, office space, and more. We are experienced in providing quality HVAC solutions for commercial properties, ensuring comfort and peace of mind for tenants and owners alike.


We specialize in creating custom solutions tailored to the needs of each individual property.

Commercial Real Estate

Your Package Unit Pros Maintenance will be comprehensive and include everything you should expect--but probably not getting from other companies.


All maintenances include a full report on EVERY unit, not just repair proposals for units with issues. It includes labor for changing belts because paying over $200 to change a $20 belt makes no sense at all. It includes condenser coil cleaning because coils must be cleaned annually, so why do other contractors leave this out of an "annual" maintenance? It includes pictures with all the maintenance reports, because a picture is worth a thousand words. In simple terms, you get more for your money with a Package Unit Pros Maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

Even with the best maintenance there will be service calls and repairs. With one of the lowest labor rates in Northern California you are sure to save money. 


Low prices and quality service is just part of what we provide. Fast efficient communication is provided via our 100% Cloud Based infrastructure. All our technicians are equipped with the best mobile devices and applications. All our vans are equipped with GPS and dash cams. Communication flows from the field to the office and to you in close to real time. 

Repairs and Service

Whether you need a unit replacement, a new unit or a complete tenant improvement job we are ready to assist you. 


Our Construction Department is run with the same efficiency as our Service Department. Expect excellent communication throughout the entire project. With very competitive pricing your job will be completed within the budget you expect, the timeframe you need and the quality you demand. 


Controls for light commercial buildings have always been limited by price, difficulty to manage and maintain and not designed for office, retail and industrial spaces. That has changed with the emergence of a number of controls options designed to fit buildings and budgets of all sizes. 


Package Unit Pros has been installing controls for a number of years and now has a dedicated Controls Department to help you decide which system best fits your needs. Start saving energy, extend equipment life, reduce costs and have better comfort with a controls system installed by Package Unit Pros.


Latest Projects

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