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PUP Picks- Kicking Goals for Growth: How Soccer and Education Are Shaping the Future of Bay Area's Urban Centers

California Miramar University Sets Roots in San Jose's SoFA District: A Catalyst for Downtown Revival

Colliers has officially announced a landmark lease agreement for California Miramar University, facilitated by SP Jain Global Leasing, Inc., to establish a 20,623-square-foot campus at 505 S. Market Street in the vibrant SoFA District of Downtown San Jose. This long-term commitment by the private for-profit university, with roots in Mumbai and global campuses, marks a significant addition to the local educational landscape, offering a range of degree programs from business administration to artificial intelligence through both distance education and hybrid formats.

The decision to select this particular location was influenced by its distinctive interior, featuring open wood truss ceilings and skylights, and its proximity to essential amenities that support a balanced lifestyle for up to 1,000 students expected at full capacity. Studio BANAA Architecture and Interiors are spearheading the campus design, which promises cutting-edge facilities including state-of-the-art classrooms and computer labs, with the City of San Jose expediting necessary permits to ensure readiness for the Fall 2024 semester.

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan and the local community have warmly welcomed the university, recognizing its potential to revitalize Downtown San Jose by attracting hundreds of students to live, study, and engage with the city's core, especially as it emerges from a post-pandemic transition. The collaboration between Colliers, the property owner Paul Bunton, and the architectural team, alongside the enthusiastic support from the city’s leadership, highlights a shared vision for fostering educational growth and economic development in San Jose’s SoFA District.

Oakland's Soccer Surge: New Stadium Proposals to Elevate Local Clubs and Community Engagement

Oakland's soccer scene is set for a major uplift with the Oakland Roots and Oakland Soul, two of the city's soccer clubs, proposing the construction of a temporary 10,000-seat stadium next to the Oakland Coliseum complex. This initiative aims to double the match-day capacity for the clubs, enhancing both the fan experience and the teams' cultural and economic impact on the community. Located at the former Malibu Grand Prix site, the interim stadium will serve as a vibrant hub for the Oakland Roots men’s professional team and the Oakland Soul women’s pre-professional team, alongside hosting community events ranging from youth sports to concerts.

The move reflects the clubs' commitment to creating a dedicated home to support their growth and ambitions, including elevating the Oakland Soul to professional status. With the teams currently utilizing Laney College and Cal State University, East Bay for their activities, the proposed stadium at 8000 S. Coliseum Way is seen as crucial for providing a stable venue for games and community gatherings.

The planning for this new stadium is well underway, with an application submitted and construction potentially starting in June 2024, aiming for completion by March 2025, just in time for the 2025 season. Additionally, a future possibility for the clubs' home could emerge from a deal with Prologis to acquire the former Oakland Raiders headquarters, which includes a significant land parcel that could further support the soccer teams and contribute to Oakland's role in the 2026 World Cup. This strategic development not only promises a boost for professional soccer in Oakland but also signifies a broader vision for sports and community life in the city.


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